The Library of college is well furnished with adequate facilities. Library has a very Specious Reading Hall with very good infrastructure which is quite comfortable and conducive to reading & learning. Library is enriched with reference books, publications, encyclopedias, back dated journals, e-learning resources, e-books, e-journals, DELNET, NDL. The library is provided with Wi-Fi facility and language laboratory. Library is also enriched with hard copies of national and international journals, periodicals books on competitive examination like GPAT, TOFEL, CET, Aptitude test, reasoning.

Library Rules:

1. Library remains open 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.

2. On Sunday and others holiday’s library remains closed.

3. During internal & external examinations, library reading room time will be extended for two hours.

4. Every reader who enters the library has to sign in the Student Entry register.

5. Reader should keep their bags & personal items in the baggage section.

6. Reader should preserve their belongings or valuables on their own responsibilities.

7. Readers must use their library card and students I-card in order to avail the library facilities.

8. Books issued must be submitted on or before of submission date.

9. Reference books will be available only in reading room and issued on the student card.

10. For students, three books will be issued for fifteen days. For teaching faculty ten books will be for fifteen days.

11. For books renewal, reader should be present personally along with the book. The renewal of books will be done only once.

12. Those readers who are appearing for competitive examination (GPAT/TOEFL/MBA Entrance/GRE etc.), two extra books will be issued on consultation with relevant portfolio head.

13. If books are not returned or renewed within the specific date, penalty per day will be charged.

14. Some reference books (except pharmacopoeia & Govt.publication) will be issued on an overnight or weekend basis to faculty members.

15. If library book is lost by the reader, he/she will have to pay amount double the cost of books or replace the book.

16. Mishandling, tearing of books or underline with pen or pencil will not be tolerated.

17. All journals and periodicals should be kept in their respective place after use.

18. The journals and periodicals will not be issued outside the library.

19. Readers are not allowed to remove the newspaper from newspaper stands.

20. Do not put the circulars or notices on library notice board without prior permission of librarian.

21. Do not modify sitting arrangement of reading room and e-library section.

22. Do not write /scribble on any furniture or wall of the library.

23. Please switch off fan/light/computer while leaving reading room.

24. Please switch off mobile phones or keep mobile on silent mode in the library premises.

25. Outsiders are not allowed to use the library.

26. There is OPAC in the E-library readers can find all the details of the book such as location of the book or whether it is available on shelf or issued.

27. Readers can search by the title, author, or keywords.

28. Each students and faculty members provides DELNET username and password, they can download E-journals, E-books, E-articles etc.

29. Identity Card must present and deposit before using the Digital Library facility.

30. Silence shall be observed at all times. Loud conversations and rowdy behavior inside the Digital Library will not be tolerated.

31. Chewing of gums and eating/drinking inside the Digital Library are not allowed.

32. Recreational activities like playing games, audio/video streaming, online chatting and accessing social networking sites are prohibited

33. Under book Bank facility only three Books Will be Issued.

34. Before Issuing the books students have to take the permission from the mentor.

35. All issued books have to be returned back to the library within one week after the semester theory exam gets over.

36. 50% attendance is mandatory for issuing of the books if your attendance is less than 50% then permission from the principal / Library In charge should be taken

37. All readers are required to maintain discipline in the library. We will appreciate any suggestions and comments about the library and facilities provided.

Library Advisory Committee Member:

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation Department
1. Dr. Kishor S. Jain Chairman Pharmaceutical Chemistry
2. Asso. Prof. Amol B. Kumbhar Vice-Chairman Pharmaceutics
3. Mr. Sanjay Togam Chairman Library
4. Assi. Prof. Suhas N. Ghodekar Member Pharmacognosy
5. Assi. Prof. Shakila S. Shaikh Member Pharmacology
6. Assi. Prof. Shruti Pingale Member Pharmaceutical Chemistry
7. Assi. Prof. Nilakshi Nerkar Member Pharmaceutics
8. Mr. Sumit Waghmare Member Student Representative (B. Pharm Final year)
9. Ms. Pratiksha Khedkar Member Student Representative(B. Pharm 3rd year)
10. Ms. Isha Dubey Member Student Representative(B. Pharm Final year)
11. Ms. Anjali Awate Member Student Representative(B. Pharm 2nd year)

Library at a Glance:

Sr. No. Particulars Details
1. Total Area of the Library 175sq.m
2. Total Titles of Books 1349
3. Total Numbers of Books 7524
4. No. of National Journals 09
5. No. of International Journals 07
6. Magazine 02
7. Total No. of E- Journals 388
8. Seating Capacity of Reading Room 60
9. Total No. of E-Books 744
10. Total No.of Computers with LAN and Internet 05
11. CD’s 110


1) Library OPAC

2) Periodicals

3) Circulation/Borrowing of Books

4) E- Journals

5) E-Books

6) ICT Based Information Retrieval

7) Pharmacopoeia, Reference Books & Monographs

8) Database

Library Timing:

Working Hours. 9.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Transaction 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p. m.
Reading Hall 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Library at a Glance:

Sr.No. Category Number
1. Area of library 175 sq.m
2. No. of Title 1349
3. No. of Volumes 7524
4. E-Books 744
5. E-Journals (Delnet) 388
6. Periodicals/Journals 18
7. National journal 09
8. International journals Magazine 07
9. Newspapers 04
10. CDs/DVDs 110
11. Seating capacity 60
12. Scanner /Printer 01
13. Photo Copier 01
14. Automation Software Vriddhi
15. Internet band width Speed 100 mbps


Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification
1. Mr. Sanjay V. Togam Librarian B. Sc. M. lib. I. sc. SET