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Principal Desk

Dear Students, Parents and Community Members

Over last six decades, priority has been given for liberalization of higher & technical education in India. This eventually leads to sharp rise in technical man power. However, it is soon realized that only increasing in numbers is not sufficient to satisfy the needs of society but intentional efforts are necessary to enhance the quality of technical manpower. To cope with quality issue, efforts at government, university & institute levels are directed & analyzed through quality audits & accreditation process. However, these efforts are not sufficient since meaning of quality education is hardly exceeded to documentation.

In conventional format we practice teacher-centric methods in which teacher is active while learner is passive. Passive learning hardly allows the learner to think. For many students, this form of education is often uncomfortable & hard since it is neither open nor encouraging to learners. Moreover, this format failed to train & assess the higher learning levels. Unfortunately we are practicing such methods of education from last six decades. Therefore, major reform at institute level is required that change the current approach to student-centric education wherein the students are encouraged to think & imagine during learning process. It has been long realized that student-centric methods (learning by involvement) are the best & appropriate way of acquiring knowledge & skills.

You should be proud that you have selected right platform where learning is achieved by active participation of learner. Moreover, this platform offers crystal clear objectives of course, academic session, individual subject and even objectives of individual day. Further, we clearly state the expectations from the students & keep close observations on their achievements, both in terms of knowledge & skills. Every effort has been made to make the education transparent, open, appropriate, encouraging, enjoyable & more importantly affordable to the learners. The sole aim of these changes is to make students self-sufficient & to develop them with balanced personality, so as to compete for better opportunities in their professional career.

Hope that all of you should understand the true meaning of education as early as possible. Once you realized that the education is nothing but the process of self exploration & self development achieved through acquiring knowledge & skills, it will become much simpler, easy & enjoyable.