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Principal Desk

Dear Students, Parents and Community Members

Warm Greetings

The past three years the entire world has been plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic and is still trying to come terms with it. India is no exception. While, our country not only achieved the target for vaccination to a great extent, it also provided vaccines & medicines to the world. In this pandemic it emerged out as the Global Pharmacy. The Govt. realizing the importance of national health made highest budgetary allocations for healthcare sector, since independence with a 200% growth since then! The annual turnover of the Indian Pharmaceutical industry has increased from INR 1750 crores (in 1990) to > INR 3,50,000crores till 2021.

All in all, the importance of healthcare sector has increased and realized manifolds in recent years and Pharma sector is no exception. In past 5 decades it has emerged out as a global player contributing to both national health and wealth. Today India is ranked 3rd in the world bulkwise in production of medicines and 10thcostwise! Today India has highest USFDA approved manufacturing facilities – total 665- than any country. Besides this we have > 1450 WHO-GMP approved manufacturing facilities, indicating to its steady emergence towards becoming Global Pharma Superpower!

"Over last six decades, the pharmacy education has also grown substantially in the country, with more than 1200 degree and 800 diploma colleges being established. Against changing importance of healthcare sector and great career prospects, working conditions and payscales the pharmacy education is also on rise, with steadily increasing demand. In past 5 years no seats are left out in any of the pharmacy colleges against so many vacancies left in other professional technical courses.

Today, there is a sea change in Teaching – Learning – Assessment policies and implementations and they have become more and more outcome based. Technical courses are Assessed &Accreditated for the Quality Assurance of the education imparted by colleges. Developments and progress in IT sector has offered many ICT tools for best implementation of quality Teaching – Learning – Assessment.

RajmataJijauShikshanPrasarakMandal’s (RJSPM) College of Pharmacy since its inception in 2007 has steadily provided quality B.Pharm. graduates to the Industry. Academia and the Society, under the able guidance and keen interest and support of Hon. VilasraojiLande, President – RJSPM and Hon. SudhirjiMungase, Secretary – RJSPM. The college has always given importance to the allround growth of its students and so besides academics, equal attention is given to the co-curricular and extracurricular activities so as to develop students who are self-sufficient & with balanced personality, and can compete for better opportunities in their professional career.

The college has consistently come out with good results in University exams as well as competitive exams. The credit goes to the experienced, enthusiastic and creative faculty.

Prof. Dr. K.S. Jain

M. Pharm., Ph.D., F.I.C. (Principal)