Rules of Conduct

In addition to pre-requisite aids such as buildings, equipments, structures etc, the performance of the students is major indicator of college reputation. The students of college are known not only by their performance in their academics but also by their conduct which is an integral part of the personality. In order to make the college feel proud of you, the following code of conduct is expected.

Students are expected to:

• Achieve objectives & expectations of the course to its maximum extent.

• Behave, dress and project their image like dignified and respectable citizens.

• Keep campus clean and create congenial atmosphere and environment conducive for studies.

• Attend all theory classes, practicals & demonstrations.

• Be regular and punctual in their studies.

• Attend regular meetings of Local Guardian to discuss their problems, if any.

• Regularly read the notices, so as not to miss any important information.

• Treat and talk to all staff, students and the local community with respect.

• Value the college environment by not dropping litter, damaging college furniture or buildings

• Fully participate in tutorials, discussion, careers guidance, industrial visits and trainings.

• Observe self imposed discipline in all activities & studies.

• Be equipped for all lessons with relevant materials and have your Student ID Card with you at all times when at college

• Complete all your work by the agreed deadlines.

• Attend all examinations that you are entered for.

• Switch off all mobile phones in learning areas and only use your mobile in an appropriate way in student common areas.

• Providing false information, manipulated documents, cyber crime etc clearly leads to cancellation of admission at any level.

• Students are expected to maintain their academic integrity. Cheating and plagiarism are violations of that standard.

• Students should keep their parents informed regularly about their performance on studies and other problems, if any.

• Students should pay the Institute/Hostel fees dues well in time.

• Students should not rag fresher rather they will make them feel comfortable. Ragging of any kind is strictly prohibited and antiragging cell will handle the case according to the rules and regulations of the government.

• Student should not discriminate on the basis of religion, caste and sex etc.

• Students are expected to conserve water, electric power, gas etc.

• The sole aim of students is studies and overall development of balanced personality, so as to compete for better opportunities in their professional career.