Student Welfare

We will appreciate any suggestions and comments about the library & facilities provided.

1. Local guardian: LG has been appointed for the group of students. He/she is looking after personal problems and difficulties of student, Regular meetings of local guardian are organized and individual local guardian taking backup of assigned student till the completion of course. Under this activity local guardian assists liberally the students in Choosing of suitable courses, finding living accommodation, making food arrangements, obtaining medical advice and assistance, solving educational problems, Securing facilities for further studies, Conducting themselves in proper pursuit of academic studies.

2. Class teacher: CT is looking after overall attendance and performance of students.

3. Subject teacher: ST, In addition to regular lectures, tutorial classes are regularly organized by subject teacher in the group of 20 students. Subject teacher offer individual attention and solve difficulties related to subject. He is also responsible to assist the students query regarding presentation of answers, books, journals and question paper etc. to be referred.

A. Financial Assistance Cell

Information related to scholarships offered by NGO’S/Trusts/other organization is regularly provided to the students. The cell is also facilitating in preparation and submission of such proposals.

B. Scholarships & Awards

To promote and motivate the intelligent and needy students, following scholarships/awards have been instituted.

1. Scholarships for Intelligent as well as economically weak students (Partial waiver of tuition fees).

2. Award for Innovation in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Cash award of Rs 10000).

3. Award for Qualifying Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT) Examination (Rs 1000/- per student).

4. Award for Extraordinary Performance in Competitive Examinations (other than GPAT, Rs 1000/- per student).

5. Award for First Rank in University/Board Examination (Rs 1000/per student/Class).

C. Parent meeting

To understand the personality of student comprehensively, parent-teacher meet has been regularly organized. This will help to teacher as how to help to the students in learning process.

D. Mentorship

E. Earn-learn

F. personality development

G. disaster managements

H. Book bank facility

I. Workshops

J. Students Magazine